Fleeing Vesuvius chapters

Emergency action plan for New Zealanders (and others)

We've finally come to the end of our regular uploads from Fleeing Vesuvius. You can now read the entire book online and we will continue to respond to comments on the articles. Our final installment, from the New Zealand edition, is a practical list of tasks that need to be accomplished in order to adequately deal with the coming transition to a low-energy economy.

Design for surviving Vesuvius – Atamai, a permaculture village

Joanna Santa Barbara writes about Atamai Village, in New Zealand: a new community that attempts to respond intelligently to the need to mitigate climate change and adapt to low or zero fossil fuel use, the constraints of sea-level rise over the next century, the need to step outside, as much as possible, the mainstream financial system and the importance of a local steady-state economy within the biophysical limits of the region. From Fleeing Vesuvius.

On Being in Time for Transition

by Sharon Te Apiti Stevens, from Fleeing Vesuvius. We are called to prepare urgently for Transition. We are reminded by Rob Hopkins and other movement leaders to motivate one another by sharing our visions of a positive future, a future made from well-connected communities taking time to laugh together in a garden paradise. Or something like that.