Basic Income Group

Many Feasta members are advocates and activists for universal basic income and in 2018 they formed a Feasta Basic Income group. This group is particularly focussed on the role that basic income can play in achieving a sustainable society and economy, both in Ireland and globally.

The group hosted an event called ‘We need to talk about basic income’ at Cloughjordan on Sept 23. They also met with members of Basic Income Ireland and the Green Party on Oct 25 at Leinster House in Dublin. Among other issues, they discussed the connections between BI and the idea of degrowth, the tie-ins between BI and alternative tax bases, and the desirability or otherwise of pilot programmes.

Below you can see a range of articles on basic income, written by our group members.

Thomas Paine’s 1797 call for a Basic Income: a new paper tells the full story

"With the Covid-19 crisis, calls for a basic income are gaining new momentum. The U.S., and other countries too, could enjoy the immense society-wide benefit of a Basic Income if they are willing to set aside the sour grapes argument...of not providing a social safety net to out-groups," writes Brent Ranalli.

Basic income now: a high-leverage system intervention for sanity, humanity and ecology

This paper by Anne Ryan makes the case for basic income as a key policy instrument for addressing our problems, and is an introduction to a series of forthcoming blog posts that will include excerpts from, and up-to-date commentary on, her book Enough is Plenty.