Feasta’s activities are based around a number of themes, all of which are inter-connected. For a broad overview of the relationship between our different activities and our overall mission, please see our Theory of Change. Our most recent Annual Report summarises our activities in the calendar year 2022.

We have a number of theme-focussed projects, which are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Agroecology: Supporting an agroecological farming and food industry
    Convenor: Fergal Anderson

  • Basic income: Highlighting the environmentally regenerative potential of basic income
    Convenor: Anne Ryan

  • Beyond Extractivism: Working towards a sufficiency-based approach to the extraction and use of minerals
    Convenor: Emma Karran

  • Beyond GDP: Developing an alternative index to GDP
    Convenors: Willi Kiefel, Seán Ó Conláin

  • Cap and Share: Working towards a socially just fossil fuel supply phase-out
    Convenors: Mike Sandler, Caroline Whyte

  • Commons-based taxation: Advocating taxation that reinforces ‘good’ activity and discourages ‘bad’ activity
    Convenor: Caroline Whyte

  • Fair Green Money: Working towards a financial system that delivers well for everyone in conditions of zero or negative economic growth
    Convenors: Graham Barnes, Caroline Whyte

  • Healthy Habitats: Supporting habitat protection, creation and regeneration as a holistic approach to repairing breaches in planetary boundaries
    Convenor: Feidhlim Harty

  • Resilience and Wellbeing: Understanding the psychological roots of our current predicament, and learning how we build personal and collective resilience to the current and coming crises
    Convenors: Morag Friel and John Sharry

Work in networks

We perform the secretariat role in the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Ireland Hub.

Feasta economist Caroline Whyte is an Environmental Pillar representative on the Irish National Economic and Social Council. We are represented on the Steering Committees of the Environmental Pillar and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, and we also collaborate with the Irish Doughnut Economics Network. Beyond Ireland, we are active members of the European Environmental Bureau and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

In 2024 we launched a new season of our podcast series Bridging the Gaps in partnership with the European Health Futures Forum, with a plan for ten episodes covering a range of Feasta-related topics.