Feasta AGM and Members’ Gathering

Saturday, November 17th 2012, at 11am, the Central Hotel (Mullen Room), Exchequer St, Dublin 2. The formal business will take about an hour, after which we will have a general discussion and also focus on current Feasta activities.

Feasta Climate Group Weekend

Feasta's Climate Group would like to extend an invitation to members of our wider network to its annual gathering, to be held this year in the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. This year's gathering will see the first public launch of Sharing for Survival, Feasta's latest publication. Dates: Weekend of April 13-15th 2012 Venue: Centre for Alternative Technology, Machnlleth, North Wales. Costs: accommodation aprox £70 per person sharing for the 2 nights (plus £5 for bed linen) plus cost of travel, food and drink.

Feasta AGM and Workshop Day

Date and Time: Saturday Sept 18th 2010.
11-1: Official business of the AGM, open to full Feasta members. 

2-4: Informal session, open to anyone interested in Feasta. This was a round-table discussion: “In many aspects of life there is great uncertainty – not only about the long-term but also the near-term future. What does this mean for Feasta as an organisation?”
Venue: The Greenhouse, 17 St. Andrews St., Dublin 2. …

Feasta Annual Planning Meeting 2009

Agenda for Annual Planning Day 2009

Sat January 31st 2009 11am – 4.30pm

Chaired by Emer O’Siochru

11 – 11.45: Review of Feasta’s activities in the past year arising from 2008 Annual Planning Day minutes

  1. 1. Climate and Energy group activities, including attendance at COP, Poland
  2. Risk and Emergency preparation
  3. Taxation Reform
  4. Media / Publicity / Education
  5. Annual Lecture / conference
  6. Funding Strategy
  7. Publications

11.45 – 3.15 (including lunch) Feasta Project Presentations and discussion

  1. Carbon Sinks and Cycles
  2. Smart Taxes
  3. Social Partnership
  4. New Emergency Conference
  5. Cap and Share
  6. Liquidity Network and Responses to the financial crisis

3.15 Ideas for New …