Beyond Extractivism

Working towards a sufficiency-based approach to the extraction and use of resources

Feasta is working with partner organisations to identify and address the economic dynamics that are encouraging the current rush to mineral prospecting and mining, both in Ireland and elsewhere.

While it is clear that everyone on the planet needs access to a certain amount of energy and resources in order to live a decent and dignified life, we believe it is dangerously erroneous to assume that overall energy and resource use must (and can) therefore remain at its present high level, or indeed increase.

Rather than planning for a massive expansion in minerals mining in order to achieve decarbonisation, we advocate a sufficiency-focussed approach which focuses on ensuring that our energy and resource needs can be met within planetary boundaries, while supporting the rights of communities to say no to mining.

Feasta member Emma Karran is a representative of the Environmental Pillar on the Advisory Group on Irish State policy on mineral prospecting and mining, while Feidhlim Harty is a Pillar representative in the Waste Advisory Group. 

Recent posts from the Beyond Extractivism group

  • Critical Raw Materials: Irish Waste Advisory Group Update
    Feidhlim Harty emphasises the need to minimise the extraction of critical raw materials, to ensure that the materials are used as responsibly as possible, and to ensure that miners’ rights are respected.
  • Mining, minerals and limits: grounding the green transition
    Caroline Whyte from Feasta joined Fidelma O’Kane and Gerry McGovern as speakers at this online event, hosted by Feasta, CAIM and Futureproof Clare, on February 1 at 7:30pm. Caroline described a possible future strategy for those who support the transition to renewable energy, but who also wish to ensure that this process does not cause unnecessary environmental damage.

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