Emergency action plan for New Zealanders (and others)

We’ve finally come to the last of our regular uploads from Fleeing Vesuvius. You can now read the entire book online and we will continue to respond to comments on the articles.

Our final installment, from the New Zealand edition, is a practical list of tasks that need to be accomplished in order to adequately deal with the coming transition to a low-energy economy.

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One Reply to “Emergency action plan for New Zealanders (and others)”

  1. I think maybe the word ‘plan’ is slightly inaccurate. Its more of a list of broad aspirations. A plan has to detail specifics.

    For an example of something that is at least part the way to becoming a ‘plan’ (though I would hesitate to use that word), can I offer ‘Perspectives In Agriculture’ , which details some of the food challenges facing Ireland.


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