Theory of Change

A theory of change is a type of general plan for an organisation in which long-term goals are defined and then mapped backward to identify necessary preconditions. It’s useful as a way for the organisation to clarify exactly what is needed in order for it to achieve its mission. In the case of Feasta, with its multifaceted and interconnected goals, it is also a helpful communications tool as it places the individual strands of Feasta’s activity (currency, climate, commons, land value tax, basic income etc) within a broader context that may not be obvious otherwise.

Feasta’s theory of change will be modified each year (or more often if necessary) as circumstances and goals change. Please bear in mind that its current form doesn’t fully communicate various nuances such as the interrelatedness of some of the actions we are pursuing (e.g., monetary reform relieving the pressure on the economy to expand and thus also helping to mitigate climate change) and the vital importance of acting in partnership with other organisations.

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