New podcast series by Feasta and the EHFF: Bridging the Gaps

Our new podcast series kicks off with some reflections on preserving our mental health in these turbulent times, from our December 7 event "Living well in the face of climate and ecological crises". Contributors include John Sharry, Morag Friel, Leontien Friel Darrell, Mark Garavan, Theresa O'Donohue and John Gibbons.

Bridging the Gaps: Podcasts on ecology, health, energy, well-being…..

Our new podcast series, Bridging the Gaps, is co-organised by Feasta and the European Health Futures Forum. It’s a follow-on to our 2019 series Beyond the Obvious, also done in collaboration with the EHFF.

The hosts, Seán O’Conláin and Caroline Whyte, explore a range of topics with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. We plan to upload 10 podcasts in the course of 2020. Please feel free to comment below.

Topics will include:

• how best to measure well-being
• the politics of land
• wealth distribution
• diversity, both biological and cultural
• blame, shame and