2008 Feasta Annual Lecture: Capital Partnerships – Chris Cook

How Ireland got into its Property Mess

an introduction by Richard Douthwaite

Capital Partnerships: a Debt-Free Solution to the Property Crash

a lecture by Chris Cook

Date: 7:00pm, Wednesday 5th November, 2008

Venue: McClelland Room, Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2.

Entry: 5 Euro Feasta members, 10 Euro non-members

Chris Cook, an international expert on Open Capital and a widely published energy market consultant, discussed his ground-breaking ideas for capital partnerships, a financing structure that could provide a debt-free solution to the Irish property crash.

The global financial crisis has highlighted the urgent need to refinance trillions of euros’ worth of property-backed securities and debt. Cooke proposed an innovative, sustainable solution: a new class of affordable, asset-based property finance, using the legal structure of limited liability Partnerships. amongst their other advantages, they dissolve the distinction between rental and purchase options, offering the benefits of both.

With this stimulating lecture, Feasta invited policy makers, financiers, property developers, social housing executives, local authority representatives and officials, lawyers, architects and planners as well as members of the general public trapped in negative equity or in rental accommodation to discuss real solutions to the current crisis with one of the world’s leading experts in the field.

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With support from the Smart Tax Network.

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