Potential Impacts of a Global Cap and Share Scheme on India

This Report on India was prepared by Anandi Sharan, and follows Jeremy Wakeford’s model on the effects on South Africa that Cap and Share might have if introduced as part of a global climate settlement. Conditions in India are unique, as indeed they are in every country. Some elements of the pilot study, especially the impact on trade, have been shortened, whilst the section on the impact on households is given more prominence. The introduction of Cap and Share would mean that Indian households received a direct payment for their share of each year’s global emission rights. Such payments …

Feasta contributes to IIEA report

Three members of Feasta were involved in the preparation of the Irish Institute for European Affairs report The Climate Change Challenge: Strategic Issues, Options and Implications for Ireland published at the end of September. Our contribution on the economics of climate change which was written a year ago has been published by the IIEA as an Occasional Paper and can be accessed here.…

Sustainability or Bust: How Ireland Might Avoid Bankruptcy with Energy Innovation

In response to the financial crisis, an article written by Richard Douthwaite Sustainability or Bust: How Ireland Might Avoid Bankruptcy with Energy Innovation was recently published by Construct Ireland Magazine and details proposals that a number of Feasta members have been working on.

Two related papers After the Meltdown by David Korten, and From the ashes of the crash by NEF have also been uploaded to the
discussion boards.…

2008 Feasta Annual Lecture: Capital Partnerships – Chris Cook

How Ireland got into its Property Mess

an introduction by Richard Douthwaite

Capital Partnerships: a Debt-Free Solution to the Property Crash

a lecture by Chris Cook

Date: 7:00pm, Wednesday 5th November, 2008

Venue: McClelland Room, Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2.

Entry: 5 Euro Feasta members, 10 Euro non-members

Chris Cook, an international expert on Open Capital and a widely published energy market consultant, discussed his ground-breaking ideas for capital partnerships, a financing structure that could provide a debt-free solution to the Irish property crash.

The global financial crisis has highlighted the urgent need to refinance trillions of euros’ worth …