Mosler/Pilkington: A Credible Eurozone Exit Plan

By Warren Mosler and Philip Pilkington.  The Eurozone has certainly seen better days. The mess is only getting messier. Leaked documents from within the Troika show the austerity programs to be an abject failure and yet European officials continue to consider them the only game in town. So, we contend that the periphery governments should have a credible exit strategy on hand and it is to this that we now turn.

Is Germany Preparing to Exit the Euro?

Marshall Auerback has confirmed that he is flying into Dublin on 22nd September to meet interested policymakers and commentators and to make a presentation at Feasta & Smart Taxes forthcoming conference ” National Strategies for Dealing with Ireland’s Debt Crisis”.   More news on this early next week. This is the kind of thing he might [...]

The Second Feasta Review

Growth: The Celtic Cancer, Why the global economy damages our health and society

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A new issue of the Feasta Review was published in November 2004. "The aim of the Review is to present in a permanent form some of the thinking that has been going on in the Feasta network since the previous one appeared" says John Jopling, who edited it with Richard Douthwaite. "It is three years since the last issue and there's a lot to report."