Feasta AGM and Members’ Gathering

Saturday, November 17th 2012, at 11am, the Central Hotel (Mullen Room), Exchequer St, Dublin 2.

The formal business will take about an hour, after which we will have a general discussion and also focus on current Feasta activities.

As it will be a year since our much-loved colleague, Richard Douthwaite, died, we would like to mark the occasion by recalling his extraordinary energy and leadership and by exploring together how we can re-commit Feasta to following his inspirational example. As well as reporting on our existing projects members will present a couple of new initiatives they propose to work on. Any other proposals will be most welcome. We also want to take this opportunity to formally adopt Feasta’s Statement of Ethos and Values.

Following on from our recent Members’ Weekend in Cloughjordan it will be another great opportunity to meet fellow members and share ideas. We look forward to seeing you there. Please let Morag (info@feasta.org) know if you will be attending (to enable us to estimate numbers for room booking purposes.)

Note: Feasta is a forum for exchanging ideas. By posting on its site Feasta agrees that the ideas expressed by authors are worthy of consideration. However, there is no one ‘Feasta line’. The views of the article do not necessarily represent the views of all Feasta members.