Comment on Busy doing nothing – seven reasons for humanity’s inertia in the face of critical threats and how we might remove them by Floro

My apologies Brian. My criticism was clearly aimed at Mark's “Reason for Inertia 6: Our brains are maladapted to modern life”, and, due to my haste, I made the mistake of putting your name. I quite agree with your reply. May I also add that I've just read your "Changing the Lifestyle Package" at and I found it enlightening and inspiring. Thanks for including a link to Paul Hawken's "Blessed Unrest"--the best commencement address I've read so far. Keep up the good work!

Ann Pettifor Predicts Another Credit Crunch

The fact is Britain’s household, corporate and financial sector debts are vast, and may well never be repaid. As the McKinsey Global Institute points out, British banks, corporates and households are only beginning to ‘de-leverage’ these debts – pay them down, or write them off. The more is paid down, the less is available for spending. [...]