Creative Thinking by Pilkington and Mosler to Solve Ireland’s Debt Problem

Philip Pilkington has worked with Smart Taxes and the Economic Working Group of the Irish Environmental Pillar on the Green Job Guarantee. Here he has partnered with MMT economist and market maven Warren Mosler and convinced the prestigious Levy Institute to publish their idea for Tax-Backed Bonds. The ‘tax-backed bond’ or ‘Mosler bond’ is based on the MMT idea that fiat money gets its value because the government accepts it in the payment of taxes. [...]

Feasta Climate Group Weekend

Feasta's Climate Group would like to extend an invitation to members of our wider network to its annual gathering, to be held this year in the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales. This year's gathering will see the first public launch of Sharing for Survival, Feasta's latest publication. Dates: Weekend of April 13-15th 2012 Venue: Centre for Alternative Technology, Machnlleth, North Wales. Costs: accommodation aprox £70 per person sharing for the 2 nights (plus £5 for bed linen) plus cost of travel, food and drink.

Feasta’s new book Sharing for Survival will soon be launched

We're delighted to announce the publication of Feasta's new book, Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society, a 200-page collection of essays by nine Feasta Climate Group members, edited by Brian Davey. Its authors explore climate policy in a way that ensures social justice and equity matter, recognising that the UNFCCC process is going nowhere. The concluding chapter, by our much-loved late colleague Richard Douthwaite, presents reasons for optimism about the climate crisis.

On Being in Time for Transition

by Sharon Te Apiti Stevens, from Fleeing Vesuvius. We are called to prepare urgently for Transition. We are reminded by Rob Hopkins and other movement leaders to motivate one another by sharing our visions of a positive future, a future made from well-connected communities taking time to laugh together in a garden paradise. Or something like that.

New book by the New Economy Working Group: How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule

This report’s primary author is David Korten, who also authored the book When Corporations Rule the World. He is a former Feasta lecturer. The new book “spells out how Wall Street dominates virtually every aspect of our lives through its control of the creation and allocation of money and how we can strip Wall Street of that control.” You can read and discuss it online here.…

‘Fracking’ may increase air pollution health risks

According to a report in the LA Times Air pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing, the controversial oil and gas drilling method which is being promoted in areas of the West of Ireland, may contribute to “acute and chronic health problems for those living near natural gas drilling sites”. Critics have largely focused so far on fracking’s possible contamination of underground and surface water, but it presents other problems too: studies have shown that air pollution at many of these sites is greater than in surrounding areas.

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