Liquidity Network 2011

While 2011 was a quiet year on the website, much discussion was happening behind the scenes as we thrashed out our thinking on how the Liquidity Network would work. We were also busy talking to potential test sites and that is leading to some real possibilities for 2012.

The untimely death of Richard Douthwaite in November, the founder of the group and tireless enthusiast, left us stunned. But our determination not to let Richard down has given us new energy.

As we start 2012, we have a number of tools for assessing the suitability for local currencies under development, we are (slowly!) getting together all our material to publish on this website and are progressing two locations for a Liquidity Network, one in Ireland and one in the UK.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Liquidity Network project, please send an email to us at

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