Invitation to join the Feasta Currency Group

What is the Feasta Currency Group?

It’s a primarily online Community of Practice (CoP) for local currency advocates (and would-
be advocates) to share experience and information around the development and implementation of local currencies – initially via a Facebook Group and a group email list.

Why have a separate group?

Because it sometimes makes sense to share and develop incomplete ideas and preliminary plans of action with input from peers before going completely public. Feasta covers a very broad range of economic sustainability issues – not all Feasta followers are interested in the way designer currencies can impact local economies.

Is this solely about developing The Liquidity Network (LQN)?

No. The FCG is committed to developing and detailing the ideas behind the LQN, and getting
them into practice, but we do not see this as a competitive process. We want to engage with local currency advocates as their own ideas develop, help them to articulate objectives for their currencies, co-design and develop tools for understanding local economic circuits, and watch and learn from their dialogues with their peers.

Does the CoP include national as well as local initiatives?

This will depend on the interests of the members. The FCG sees the potential reintroduction of national currencies in europe as an extension of local currency discussion. The distinction
is perhaps between activism and policy-influencing and at present the FCG is more committed to the former. But CoPs belong to their members.

Do I have to be a member of Feasta?

We aren’t going to police this, but we’d very much appreciate it if you were. Membership is a
small price to pay to support Feasta’s wide ranging work programme, and the small central
admin team at Cloughjordan.

So how do I sign up?

Just email currency [AT] expressing your interest and we’ll keep you posted.

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Note: Feasta is a forum for exchanging ideas. By posting on its site Feasta agrees that the ideas expressed by authors are worthy of consideration. However, there is no one ‘Feasta line’. The views of the article do not necessarily represent the views of all Feasta members. 

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