Presentations from Smart Taxes/Tasc Conference now online

The presentations from the Smart Taxes/Tasc Conference are now online. Video presentations should be up soon, but in the meantime you can check out presentations below. The Conference was a big success, well attended, and achieved significant press coverage, thanks to the excellent work of Tasc.

The presentations from our Modern Money guests are below:

William Black – The ECB and IMF are not Ireland’s Friends

Stephanie Kelton – A Fix for the Euro Bug

Randall Wray – A Path to Full Employment

The conference also saw presentations from Richard Douthwaite and David Korowicz of Feasta.

Richard Douthwaite – The Relationship Between Money and Energy

David Korowicz – Pensions and Resilient Investment

Tasc speakers contributed with detailed analysis of the Irish situation.

Sinead Pentony on pensions

Tom McDonnell on a new fiscal framework

Michael Taft discussing the need for infrastructure investment

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