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Site Value Tax Brochure – Read Online

Site Value Tax is a tax policy proposed by Smart Taxes Network. It would be an annual charge on zoned land, based on its market value, which would fund government expenditure and encourage productive and sustainable investment. Smart Taxes have created this brochure to offer a clear and simple explanation of what the tax is, how it works and the benefits it offers.

Sustainable settlement is Compact settlement

One of the major advantages of Site Value Tax is that it is a powerful way of limiting urban sprawl and encouraging the intensive use of urban land. It’s good, then, to see compact settlement receiving attention as an aspect of sustainability. George Monbiot discusses it in his Guardian column today. [...]

The flaw in the Monetary Union

Jurgen Habermas has an interesting article which has been reprinted in Social Europe. He assesses the problems of the Eurozone and their basis in the top-down administrative approach taken by European unification. The continued kicking of the economic can down the road is mirrored by the haphazard attitude to political integration.