Sean McDonagh

Father Sean MacDonagh on Fleeing Vesuvius

photo of Sean McDonagh

Father Sean McDonagh

Speech given by Father Sean MacDonagh at the launch of Fleeing Vesuvius on November 20th 2010

Welcome to each one of you to the launch of Fleeing Vesuvius: Overcoming the risk of economic and environmental collapse, here at the European Parliament building. I am both honoured and delighted to accept the invitation from Feasta to launch this crucially important book.

Food security in an energy-scarce world: Conference Programme


Opening Lecture at the Davenport Hotel, Dublin (19:30 Wednesday, June 22nd)

An evening lecture by Richard Heinberg introduced ‘Peak Oil’ and the potential effects on societies, on economies and on the world’s food supply. This lecture was introduced by Richard Douthwaite and is open to a wider audience.

Three Day Conference at the Faculty of Agri-Food and the Environment, UCD

Session 1: Food Under Threat (Thursday Morning, June 23rd)

Session 2: Examining Our Food Supply Systems (Thursday Afternoon, June 23rd)

Session 3: Possible Solutions 1 (Friday Morning, June 24th)

Session 4: Possible Solutions 2 (Friday Afternoon, June 24th) …