John Rogers

On the Money: A 5-day workshop on tools for the design of community currencies

organised by Findhorn College

The way that money works today is one of the great invisible (to most) drivers of our rapacious earth – and community-devouring economy. So much so that Richard Douthwaite has said:

“If people living in an area cannot trade among themselves without using money issued by outsiders, their local economy will always be at the mercy of events elsewhere. The first step is for any community aiming to become more self-reliant is therefore to establish its own currency system”.

It is with this very much in mind that Findhorn College has created a 5-day course …

Workshop on Community Currencies – John Rogers.

Date: Friday, December 1st 2006.
Venue: 24, Northbrook Road, Dublin 6
John is project co-ordinator of the Welsh Institute for Community Currencies . The event was held by the Feasta money group in conjunction with the Partners (Training for Transformation) organisation at 24, Northbrook Road, Dublin 6. It was intended for people from community groups interested in finding out what starting a community currency might enable them to achieve.…