Bridging the Gaps 2023: podcasts on ecology, health, well-being….

In our Bridging the Gaps podcast series, the hosts, Seán O’Conláin and Caroline Whyte, explore a range of topics with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. As with our previous series in 20222021 and 2020, and our 2019 podcast series Beyond the Obvious, it is co-organised by Feasta and the European Health Futures Forum (EHFF). Please feel free to comment below.

Special thanks to Laoise Kelly who gave us permission to use her harp music. The piece is ‘Waltzing Daisy’ from her album ‘Just Harp’. You can find our more about Laoise’s music here.…

Podcast: lessons for community health from the COVID pandemic

Lars Münter speaks with David Somekh and Caroline Whyte about the need to shift emphasis in the healthcare system away from ‘illness care’ and towards empowering patients and helping to build community capacity, and about synergies between the healthcare system and the broader economy, the energy system, and the education system.