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The Treatment of Material Assets (Property) in Environmental Impact Statements in Ireland – Lorcan Sirr

From the Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects

This Report reviews the ‘Property’ section of the Kildare ByPass, the N6 Galway to East Ballinasloe, and the Lucan Outer Ring Road Phases I and II. The Report finds that property is grossly under-evaluated in these Environmental Impact Statements, and that part of the reason for this is the treatment of property in the Roads Act 1993, and also the lack of use of appropriately qualified personnel to conduct the assessment of property impacts for EISs. This Report makes 12 recommendations for the treatment of property in EISs, based …

Evaluating the Social and Community Impacts of the Outer Ring Road: An Examination of the EIS Report and additional documents – Prof. Kevin Leyden

From the Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects

Community Effects: Key Conclusions & Recommendations

  1. The main problem with the EIS “community effects” section is that its conclusions are – on the whole – subjective and speculative. Much of the research presented on community effects appears to be based upon opinion and not science. Even the methodology outlined by the “Environmental Assessment Advice Note from the UK Department of Transport Publication Design Manual for Roads and Bridges Volume 11” is inadequately followed.
  2. More scientifically-based research on likely “community effects” should be conducted. Data and conclusions on the community

Abstract of Section 3 of the Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects

Section 3: A sustainability assessment process for road-building and other development in Ireland


In this section we propose a sustainability assessment process. To oversee the sustainability assessment process, we recommend the creation of a new office, housed in the EPA, called the Office of Sustainability Assessment. We wish to emphasise that we are not proposing a separate strand of assessment in addition to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), but rather an overall structure within which they would be included. We believe our proposal would not require any changes to existing EU legislation on SEA and …

Letter on the Irish Nationwide Building Society

Posted to Irish TDS and Senators

25th November, 2004

Dear Deputy,

The Irish Nationwide Building Society

Ireland has only two mutual building societies left – the EBS and the Irish Nationwide – and for at least ten years, Michael Fingleton of the Nationwide has made it clear that he intends that his society should follow the example of the Irish Permanent and the First National and shed its mutual status. The Department of the Environment will be putting a bill before Dail within the next few weeks which, among other things, is intended to allow the INBS to do so. …