About Willi Kiefel

Willi Kiefel is originally from Germany but has been living in Ireland for the last 30 years (his wife is Irish). He is an electronics engineer and has worked in various positions in information and communication technology industries as well as the automotive Industry. He is retired now. His concern for the environment goes back to his student days in Munich and the publication of the Club of Rome report "Limits to Growth". His first contact with Feasta goes back to a meeting in Dublin in which Richard Douthwaite introduced his book "The Growth Illusion". Willi is increasingly concerned about democratic governance becoming too much influenced / dependent on markets and global market players. He doubts whether our current (democratic) governance models are suitable or even capable to initiate the necessary changes to our economic and societal models in the very short time left. He has been studying alternative governance models based on Commons.

Willi Kiefel has written 7 articles so far, you can find them below.

Violated Earth – Violent Earth: Revisiting causes and effects of humans’ misdemeanor and nature’s power

Willi Kiefel identifies some of the main causes of the ecological “downward spiral” we are currently trapped in, and makes six propositions for a transformation process to help us escape from it.

Sustainable Management of Risk – How can we deal with risk reasonably and responsibly?

IESP Workshop , GIZ Feldafing, April 14-16, 2016

Thoughts and Reflections

Position Statement by Willi Kiefel, Tuam, Ireland

Personal Risks

I prioritise these as follows: health, social and family relationship, financial situation,
I would reflect on any serious situation and would then discuss these with my family and friends, seek advice, Perhaps I might also seek advice from “wise” people within my network of friends and acquaintances.

The next level of risk would be at the level of local communities, county and state.

For example if there is a new development announced in our area- how high will noise pollution …