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mer O’Siochru is a qualified architect and valuation surveyor. She was a founder of Feasta and served on its executive committee for many years. She is director of EOS Future Design which designs and develops sustainable systems and settlements. She also manages the Feasta-led Smart Tax Network which is funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to develop tax policies in areas related to the environment. She lives in Dublin.

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How a fairer property tax can be quickly implemented – even a SVT! #LVT

Excellent post by Ronan Lyons on his blog. Smart taxes is negotiating his services to find exactly how much a Site Value Tax can raise and how quickly it could be implemented in Ireland, to report by Autumn this year. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and better property databases have simplified this work beyond the valuation professionals imagination.

Jon Rynn

Question: Why are we using mainstream economic ideas rooted in the 19th century to deal with 21st century challenges to our global civilization and to our national economies? No wonder political debates can seem like running in mud.