About Emer O'Siochru

mer O’Siochru is a qualified architect and valuation surveyor. She was a founder of Feasta and served on its executive committee for many years. She is director of EOS Future Design which designs and develops sustainable systems and settlements. She also manages the Feasta-led Smart Tax Network which is funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to develop tax policies in areas related to the environment. She lives in Dublin.

Emer has written 49 articles so far, you can find them below.

Sharing the Land – an idea whose time has come

Even with a Site Value Tax covering developed land and a Land Value Tax covering all the rest, access to land is important. The taxes recognise land as a commons shared by all but resilience requires that its use is widely spread amongst the population. Distributed landownership is needed to protect against large landowners lobbying to remove the LVT and also to spread the knowledge of carbon building, biodiversity protecting, sustainable food growing methods amongst the widest groups of people. Here is an interesting article in shareable.net about emerging land share systems in the US and UK.

A Green Job Guarantee For Ireland

What would happen if, instead of the European Central Bank providing liquidity to private banks in order to ward off financial collapse, it provided funding to mobilise a green workforce to tackle urgent environmental challenges? The salaries would effectively transfuse local economies and the scheme has precedence in the Common Agricutural Policy which already pays farmers to protect the environment. This Irish adaptation of the Job Guarantee developed by Modern Monetary theorists in the US is proposed by Emer O'Siochru in an article on the Smart Taxes Network website.

Herman Daly on Resource Taxes including a land value tax,

The great and the good are lining up to support land value taxation as part of a general tax shift onto the use of all natural resources and off 'value added'. Herman Daly, writing in the Daly News in Steady State Economy, highly respected in the Green movement lends his considerable weight to the cause crediting the US 19th century economist Henry George. Let us see if his intervention will help persuade Environmental NGO doubters in our Ireland-of-the-land-hungry.

Dr Kelton: Smart Fiscal Policy primer

Dr Stephanie Kelton has laid it out, nice and simple in two articles in New Economic Perspectives (links below) for those who really want to know, how  government fiscal policies work in a real as opposed the idealised neo-liberal  economy.  It is not the way most commentators and politicians seem to think it does.