Climate Conversations

A major focus of Feasta’s climate group at the moment is the recent launch of Cap Global Carbon, a global campaign to establish a workable and effective back-up to the international climate negotiations. We’re planning to build partnerships with a wide range of organisations in many countries in order to promote the campaign.

Meanwhile, back in Ireland Feasta members Willi Kiefel and Seán Conlan have been involved in a unique collaboration between charities, unions and other organisations, with a goal of “promoting greater understanding of what a low carbon future might bring for Ireland “. These organisations have arranged for a series of ‘Climate Conversations’ to be held in Dublin over the coming months. Planned themes include “‘Exploring the Challenge’, ‘A New Economy’, ‘Sustainable Use of our Land’, ‘Prophetic Voices’ and ‘The Call to New Horizons’. Here is a more detailed description of the events, along with a link for booking places:

Climate Conversations website

We’re hoping that other Feasta members will also plan to attend these gatherings and we’d very much welcome comments about them.

One of the purposes of the Climate Conversations is – as well as the main conversation – to stimulate a ‘local’ or ‘community’ conversation among the participating organisations. We are planning to create an appropriate platform for this on the Feasta website following the first event, which will take place on March 18, so that perhaps a unique Feasta voice may be heard.

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