‘Over the edge…’ An online panel discussion on shaping the future of healthcare and education

November 28th at 12 noon GMT

Feasta is pleased to be collaborating with a much younger organisation (European Health Futures Forum) in exploring new approaches in Healthcare and Education. There are many facets to the collaboration: EHFF and Feasta have both been using the Viable System Model as a backdrop to the organisations (management and governance), and have much to share from the experience.

Members of Feasta participated in the Climate Gathering in 2013, and among the outcomes was a desire to explore new forms of education, and in particular inter-generational learning. The online panel discussion is designed to explore some of these and other emerging issues affecting healthcare and education. A unique panel will exchange their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of the current era. The panel consists of:

Dave Cormier Dave is an educational activist, researcher, online community advocate and the Project Lead for Student Relations Management at the University of Prince Edward Island. He has published on open education, Rhizomatic Learning, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Allenna Leonard Allenna is an American cyberneticist, consultant and Director of Team Syntegrity Inc. of Toronto, Canada. She was president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in 2009-2010, and also has a keen interest in viable systems.

Jon Walker (UK) has a depth of experience in developing and applying novel principles and insights into the shaping of organisations and societal groups in various parts of the world. He has a particular interest in Stafford Beer’s Viability Systems Model. (VSM)

David Somekh is a former psychoanalyst and Health manager, now European Health policy adviser and futurist. David is one of the Directors and founders of EHFF, and is working with others on creating a new vision for healthcare managers.

The context for the discussion: In response to current global crises of all types, many groups, who seek alternatives to our current systems, are emerging in a wide range of domains. They are questioning, for example, the globalisation and economic growth paradigms, the economic system and even our democratic processes. Veritable revolutions in thinking and approaches are taking place…self-management, empowerment, viability, resilience, the gift economy and local autonomy…are some of the terms used.

But what can be learned across new emerging initiatives and domains? How can these initiatives learn from each other, align resources and at the same time retain their individuality, identity and purpose? Are there systemic models to help us understand how to facilitate these new approaches?

You are welcome to join in this conversation on the Web. The discussion will be facilitated by Seán Conlan (Feasta Trustee and EHFF Board Member), and is supported and hosted by IT Sligo.

‘Over the edge…’ – invite & registration

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