Submission to the Irish Environmental Protection Agency on their draft Strategic Plan

Feasta recently made a brief submission to the EPA on their draft Strategic Plan which you can download from this site. We suggest altering some of the draft's terminology to make it clearer that prosperity, rather than growth, is a central goal. We also suggest the adoption of clearly quantifiable environmental parameters, such as those outlined by the Stockholm Resilience Group. Finally, we urge the EPA to make use of data from a wider variety of sources.

Cap and Share in India (from Sharing for Survival)

Should the funds from Cap and Share be distributed equally to individuals or are there better ways of using them? Indians are even more in need of financial help than those suffering from austerity programmes in the west, but James Bruges explains why he believes it would be better to distribute to community organisations in India. He starts his chapter of Sharing for Survival with some comments on climate and also covers related economic issues.