A New Age of Risk

Jim Hansen’s latest power point can be loaded directly from this URL (pdf document, 2.4 MB). It provides useful evidence that sea level rise is accelerating; net flux of heat into the sea; the arctic and Antarctic losing mass etc. His proposed programme for cutting carbon emissions, ‘fee and dividend’, has many similarities to the Feasta climate group’s Cap and Share programme. He advocates adopting a carbon tax rather than quotas, however.…

Occupy Education: Two reviews

In her review of Tina Evans' new book Occupy Education, Anne Ryan writes that it is"part of a lineage that seeks to repair the conceptual rift between humans and nature which exists in western society". The book explores the role that a well-developed pedagogy of sustainability could play in the quest for solutions to our ecological and social challenges. There's a strong emphasis on practical action such as localised food production. Ryan's full review can be read here, along with that of Mark Garavan who believes the book to be "an important contribution to the task of transforming our world."