A Potent Nostalgia: Foreword

In his new book, organic farmer and Feasta member Patrick Noble makes the case that those of us who do real, tangible work - "trade's people" - hold the key to the future. He believes that we should not try to subdue or overthrow those who hold disproportionate power: instead we should simply ignore them and get on with things. This week we're publishing the book's foreword and in the course of the next few weeks we'll be publishing several other extracts from the book.

Operating effectively at the global level to address climate change (from Sharing for Survival)

By John Jopling. Given the number and nature of the global problems facing humanity today, not least climate change, I believe that human kind’s most crucial need now is to have the capacity to “operate effectively at the world level”. My starting point is that we do not at present have this capacity. I want to suggest how we might acquire it.