A Potent Nostalgia

A Potent Nostalgia: Chapter 1

In this second excerpt from his book, Feasta member Patrick Noble further expands his argument about power and modernity. He maintains that true modernity has nothing to do with hierarchical power and that those trying to promote it should simply avoid engaging with the powerful. In this vein he criticises the Soil Association, among others, for allowing its label to be used by supermarket chains, as he believes that this sabotages the organisation's own values.

A Potent Nostalgia: Foreword

In his new book, organic farmer and Feasta member Patrick Noble makes the case that those of us who do real, tangible work - "trade's people" - hold the key to the future. He believes that we should not try to subdue or overthrow those who hold disproportionate power: instead we should simply ignore them and get on with things. This week we're publishing the book's foreword and in the course of the next few weeks we'll be publishing several other extracts from the book.