Comment on Definancialisation, deglobalisation and relocalisation by Graham Barnes

Tend to agree with that. It probably springs from Dmitry’s strong focus on self-sufficient ‘lifeboat’ responses to the crises. This can be a problem with many of the doom and gloom analyses – they seem implicitly or explicitly to rubbish many of the grass roots initiatives that try to work (for the time being at least) with the world as it is. This ‘carelessness’ can offend people doing great work in those communities.

The real impact of local currency initiatives to date is, though, an issue worth discussion. While they have often done well in terms of local identity and local networking, the impact on local economic health and liquidity has been limited; and the scalability of these initiatives to regional or national level has been elusive. All issues being confrionted by the Liquidity Network projects.

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