Comment on On the cusp of collapse: complexity, energy, and the globalised economy by rich

Fascinating and terrifying analysis, all of which rings true. I am led to question why your site bears the subtitle, "Overcoming the risks of economic and environmental collapse". It would seem that collapse is inevitable and cannot be overcome. Deployment of non-fossil-fuel energy resources is futile (unless it can be done immediately while we still have a viable economy) because building the new energy infrastructure is in fact dependent on a fossil-fuel based economy. [...]

Mosler/Pilkington: A Credible Eurozone Exit Plan

By Warren Mosler and Philip Pilkington.  The Eurozone has certainly seen better days. The mess is only getting messier. Leaked documents from within the Troika show the austerity programs to be an abject failure and yet European officials continue to consider them the only game in town. So, we contend that the periphery governments should have a credible exit strategy on hand and it is to this that we now turn.

Comment on Liquidity Networks: local trading systems using a debt-free electronic currency by Bruno Ricardo

3. About inflation: This hyperinflation it´s impossible if the system is 100% insured. The system must provide by contract or insurance that all money inside the system is fixed to the euro and convertible So if you have 2.000.000 euros in internal liquidity that means that there is need to be 2.000.000 euros in insurance. This is why insurance companies exists. And this is why they like this business of new currencies - more sales of credit insurance. No need to put aside all those euros. This operations have much lower risk than the specutative " Credit default swaps". This is real business, real consummers, and the market prices nowadays are globally determined. These local communities will still be connected to the world and maybe will raise their exports.