The Lib Dems revive Interest in Land Value Tax in the UK

Nice to to see the neighbouring island is progressing with tax reform.  At the rate our own government is moving on the Site Value Tax, the Brits will be ahead of us again.   From landvaluescape.

August 31, 2011

LVT in the news again – and Local Economy special issue

The last few days have seen several UK broadsheets give coverage to two policy papers up for discussion at the Lib Dems’ Conference next month (17-21 Sep) both of which suggest that UK’s Third Party plans to strengthen its policy on Land Value Taxation (LVT) – for both national (“Facing the Future” puts tax reform top of the priority list) and local government finance. Sunday Times (front page), Independent, Telegraph, Guardian have all covered this.

Meanwhile the international peer-reviewed journal Local Economy has invited PLRG’s Dave & Heather Wetzel and Dr Tony Vickers to guest edit a special issue next year on Land Value Capture. A Call for Papers appeared in the last issue (repeated below) and the deadline for submission of abstracts is 30th September this year.

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