Health and biodiversity

by Elizabeth Cullen. All of our food and many important medicines derive from our biodiversity. Our psychological and spiritual well being is enhanced by the joy and private moments of wonder in contemplation of the natural world. How can our way of life be changed so as to enhance our life giving and life affirming biodiversity, rather than undermine it?

Danger ahead: prioritising risk avoidance in political and economic decision-making

In this week's excerpt from Fleeing Vesuvius, Brian Davey argues that since the financial and political components of the present system have now discredited themselves, a fluid situation exists that might allow more viable options to emerge. Local green initiatives, in particular the Transition Towns movement, are gaining in strength and number(s), but do they have the potential to develop the capacity needed at a national level to transform societies' energy and transport infrastructures?

Marine Protected Areas and Stock Recovery

Marine Reserves are one of the most effective ways of enabling a fish stock recovery. They are a key recommendation of the International Programme of the State of the Oceans and are backed up by  experience across the world. Cabo Pulmo National Park, a no-take area in Mexico, has been especially successful in stock restoration. [...]