Ellen Brown gets MMT

Good piece by  the excellent Ellen Brown in Truthout writing this time about central banks instead of local state (regional) owned banks as she is wont. She seems to have understood the MMT (modern money theory) message of the advantages of truly sovereign currency and a central bank that responds to the peoples needs. [...]

The Economics of the Great Hunger rules the Eurozone!

The bankers' propaganda is so powerful that the people have actually begun to accept their need for punishment and that this will buy them salvation eventually - a kind of necessary economic purgatory. Hudson lays bare the flaw at the heart of this dogma. The Irish have seen this warped economic rationale before - one that condoned the export of grain and butter as the people starved in the ditches.

Brilliant or barmy – what do you think?

Two long reviews of Feasta's book Fleeing Vesuvius have appeared recently, one enthusiastic, the other markedly less so. Andy Wilson of An Taisce writes that " The point hammered home repeatedly is that solo runs are futile, while collaboration and working together offers communities their best chance..... Wonderful book. Buy it.” Graham Strouts is not so convinced. Is he raising questions which Feasta members should not ignore?