Different Roads to Recovery – March 19th

Saturday March 19th, 10 am – 6pm in BOOLE 1, UCC (for directions see http://www.ucc.ie/en/visitors/maps/)


10am – Opening: Chair Economics Society, Chair Politics Society, Heads of Departments.
10.15 – 11.45am – From Clash to Compromise: Is Deficit Reduction AND Keynesian Expansion possible?

Tom McDonnell (TASC), Don Walshe (UCC) + Seamus Coffee (UCC)

12 – 1.30pm – Taming the Banks and Bondmarkets : Regulation, Prosecution and Defaults.

Peter Matthews TD (Former ICC, 25 yrs exp), Arthur Doohan (offsetdebt.net – former bondtrader, 15yrs exp)  + 1 tbc

1.30 – 2.30pm –  Lunch

2.30 – 4pm – Experiences Elsewhere: Argentinian Escape, Japanese Stagnation.

Agammenon Otero (Uruguay, Private Merchant Banker) & Yasuhiro Yamauchi TBC (Irish Japanese Association)

4.10 – 5.40pm – From Vicious to Virtuous Cycle: Monetary Policy, Banking Reform and New Currencies.

Ben Dyson (Positive Money, UK) and Richard Douthwaite (Feasta)

5.45pm – Summary/Closing

(Admission to this event is free and no booking is required. Contact Mark Khan demos.ie@gmail.com with any queries.)


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