2008 Feasta Annual Lecture: Capital Partnerships – Chris Cook

How Ireland got into its Property Mess

an introduction by Richard Douthwaite

Capital Partnerships: a Debt-Free Solution to the Property Crash

a lecture by Chris Cook

Date: 7:00pm, Wednesday 5th November, 2008

Venue: McClelland Room, Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2.

Entry: 5 Euro Feasta members, 10 Euro non-members

Chris Cook, an international expert on Open Capital and a widely published energy market consultant, discussed his ground-breaking ideas for capital partnerships, a financing structure that could provide a debt-free solution to the Irish property crash.

The global financial crisis has highlighted the urgent need to refinance trillions of euros’ worth …

Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects: Section 3 abstract

Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects

Section 3: A sustainability assessment process for road-building and other development in Ireland


In this section we propose a sustainability assessment process. To oversee the sustainability assessment process, we recommend the creation of a new office, housed in the EPA, called the Office of Sustainability Assessment. We wish to emphasise that we are not proposing a separate strand of assessment in addition to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), but rather an overall structure within which they would be included. We believe our proposal would not require …

Sustainable Development Evaluation of Road Infrastructure Programmes and Projects

Feasta recently completed a research project for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency to assess the adequacy of the Environmental Impact Statements prepared for major road projects in the past and to devise a better assessment system for future projects from a complete sustainability perspective.…

Two new research projects for Feasta: Carbon Cycles and Sinks, and Smart Taxes

Feasta has been awarded multi-annual funding from the Irish Department of the Environment for two policy research projects:

Carbon Cycles and Sinks – to develop policies which will enable the Irish land mass to become a carbon sink rather than a source of greenhouse emissions. This project will be led by Richard Douthwaite, and Corinna Byrne has been hired as project coordinator and lead researcher.

Smart Taxes – to research, design, develop and adapt fiscal and market-based mechanisms to increase environmental, social and economic sustainability in Ireland. This project will be led by Emer O’Siochru, and Ellie Cuffe has been …