Cap and Share – Evening meeting for Feasta members in Dublin

Feasta held three events in Dublin on Wednesday, June 25th to launch two new Cap and Share documents.

The first event was a lunch-time meeting with the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, to which Feasta belongs, to try to persuade them that the best way for the SCC to achieve its aim of having the government put a price on carbon this year is for the SCC to demand that the adoption of Cap and Share be announced in the December budget. The second meeting in the afternoon was a briefing for TDs and senators in Leinster House.

The third event in the evening was for our own members. This was intended to allow people to discuss and digest the full implications of what Cap and Share would do if put into effect. The members of the climate group who worked on the book “Cap and Share: a fair way to cut greenhouse emissions” are only now coming to terms with those themselves.

For example, we’ve come to see that C&S is not only about stopping climate change. It’s essentially about sharing the benefits that come from using fossil fuels. At the moment, because of high oil prices, the oil producers are capturing a lot of these benefits. This is threatening the global economy and causing hardship and increased poverty around the world. So C&S is about economic justice and preventing the gap between rich and poor from widening.

You can download the new documents from the website – go here for “Cap and Share: a fair way to cut greenhouse emissions” and here for a full copy of the AEA report on using C&S in Ireland.

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