Feasta Annual General Meeting 2007

Date: 24 November 2007, 11.30am – 1pm
Venue: ENFO offices, 17 St. Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Feasta Ltd
10A Lwr Camden St
Dublin 2
Company Registration No. 319430

The Feasta AGM 2007 will be held on
Saturday November 24th, 11.30am – 1pm
ENFO offices
17 St Andrews’ St
Dublin 2

Agenda :

1. Minutes of 2006 AGM

2. Adoption of 2006 Accounts

3. Financial update

4. Appointment of Auditor

5. Adoption of Budget 2007

6. Appointment of Directors

7. Annual Review

8. Any Other Business

Note : The “Annual Review” is designed to bring people up to date with what members have been doing recently under the Feasta banner and there will also be a full-day planning meeting in January to develop our programme for 2008.

The formal AGM ended at 1pm, there was a break for lunch and we resumed at 2 pm with the afternoon programme.

We had four half-hour sessions between 2pm and 4pm, each consisting of a 10-15 minute talk followed by a 15-20 minute discussion. For the first session, two members who have been exploring the benefits of incorporating charcoal into the soil, Bruce Darrell and Emer O Siochru, reported on their findings. It appears that soil charcoal increases fertility and could be an excellent way of sequestering carbon to combat climate change.

Then, since we did not run a Soapbox at the Members’ Weekend in Co. Wexford earlier in the year, there was an opportunity for other members to report on any sustainability-related work they were doing or to put forward ideas to get feedback from everyone else.

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