Morag Friel appointed as Feasta Members’ Agent

June 13 2007

Feasta is delighted to announce the appointment of Morag Friel to the new position of Members’ Agent for the organisation. This position, based in Feasta’s Dublin office, was created to reflect a renewed emphasis on encouraging and supporting our members to realise their projects, and to help establish and enrich connections between those seeking either to work together or just to get to know one another. Morag has 13 years’ experience working with various ecologically and socially minded organisations, including Dublin Cohousing, the Dublin Food Co-op and The Village Project.

And from Morag herself:

I’m very happy to be working for Feasta and would be delighted to get to know as many of you as possible and to assist your participation in the organisation in whatever way I can. I’m currently working my way through the backlog of office tasks here in Camden St, due to there having been nobody in the office for quite a few months. Once I’ve caught up, which I hope will be very soon, my first task will be to let you know about upcoming events such as the Feasta Members’ Weekend. Briefly: it will be Aug 17th-19th (make sure to mark those dates in your diary!) as part of the bigger ‘Green Gathering’ event in Wexford. Details to follow shortly.

I’ll also be co-ordinating a mailing to the whole membership with our most up to date news and information leaflets, and working with Caroline, our trusty website person, to re-enable the credit card payment facility for those of you who wish to renew your subscriptions online.

If you have any questions or suggestions I’d be delighted to hear from you, either at or by phone on Dublin 405 3615.

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