Irish Doctors’ Environmental Association AGM and Public Meeting 2007

The programme for a day-long conference held by IDEA on February 23 2009.

Date: Fri 23 Feb (day prior to the England/Ireland rugby match, Croke Park)
Venue: Tailors Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8 (near Christ Church cathedral)


1130 -1300
Dr Elizabeth Cullen MB, BCh, MSc, Dip Poll Cntrl: Climate Change & Health in Ireland
Michael McKeon MEd, BNS, RNT, RNID: Mercury in the Health Care Environment
Ms Juliet Duff MA SRN (Canada) & Dr med Peter Ohnsorge, Managing Chairman, European Academy of Environmental Medicine e.V. Wurzburg, Austria: Ecohealth Education

1300 -1415

1415 – 1600
Prof Vyvyan Howard MB, ChB, PhD, FRCPath, Centre for Molecular Biosciences, University of Ulster, Coleraine: Health Implications of Nanotechnology
Dr med Gerd Oberfield , University of Salzburg & Public Health Specialist: Electromagnetic Radiation and Public Health
Dr George Carlo, Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology, Author & Lawyer
Mobile Phones & Health

1600 – 1615

1615 – 1700
Open Forum

1700 – 1800

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