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Does Ireland need to reorientate its education system to cultivate self-sufficiency and achieve a regenerative economy?

“To save the planet there is one glaring technology that no government or education consultant is advocating: our hands,” argues Andrew Gillick.

Submission on Enterprise Policy in Ireland

This submission recommends a number of internal and external measures which could enable Irish businesses to adapt nimbly and thrive in a ‘post-growth’, wellbeing-oriented economy.

Podcast: Breaking down the silos in healthcare and the economy

David Somekh speaks with Caroline Whyte about the strong parallels and interconnections between healthcare reform and the wellbeing economy.

Environmentally just best practices for carbon pricing and dividends

On June 25, at this year’s Basic Income Guarantee conference, Feasta’s Mike Sandler and Brent Ranalli spoke about best practices in carbon pricing and how criticisms that are sometimes made of it can be addressed. (You’ll need to register in order to watch the talk, but it’s free.)