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Nick Bardsley’s reflections on the Tyndall Centre “Radical Emissions Reduction” conference

I was in two minds whether to attend this conference or not. In common with the other members of the FEASTA Climate group that had submitted paper proposals, mine was rejected. Though I was allocated a poster presentation this is usually not a great use of one’s time. In the end I decided that this was probably sour grapes on my part and that it would be good to attend to meet other like minded people, if nothing else.

If I had mixed feelings beforehand, they were more mixed afterwards. It was a good way of meeting people, and although …

How Radical was the Radical Emissions Reduction Conference really?

In this article about the Tyndall Centre’s Radical Emissions Reductions Conference I want to write the things that I wanted to say in this conference but was unable to.

First of all though I want to say why I was not able to say these things. The reason was that this conference was organised in such a way that I had no opportunity to say them. It was organised almost entirely in plenary sessions with no break out discussions at all. Those of us who were not speakers could put our hands up but when we did get the opportunity …

Laurence Matthews: Thoughts on the Tyndall ‘Radical Emission Reductions’ conference

This 2-day conference in London left me with mixed feelings. I’ve listed some good points below, and then some points where I think it could have been a whole lot better.

On the plus side

There were some positive signs, among (at least some of) the academics and others present, of a realisation that we need to get real about the politics.

One speaker for example emphasised that if the organisers were keen to have an evidence-base, the one piece of evidence they should look at is that scientific evidence is being completely ignored and that therefore something else is …

Feasta newsletter October 15 2013

Dear Feasta members and newslist subscribers

Welcome to the Feasta Autumn newsletter.

We hope you’ll find lots of interest and we encourage you to give feedback or respond to the various possibilities for getting involved. If you haven’t already it would be great if you would consider joining Feasta – members are our bedrock, providing us with much-needed funds whilst also shaping the work and direction of the organisation.

Please contact info@feasta.org for information on this or if you have any other queries.

Table of Contents

  • Feasta Interns
    1. Feasta welcomes Erik Van Oosten to Cloughjordan!
    2. Feasta’s David Korowicz is seeking
  • Feasta newsletter January 22 2014

    Dear Feasta Members and Newslist Subscribers

    A belated Happy New Year to you all! We hope you enjoy the latest Feasta newsletter, below, which has news of a number of upcoming events, our fundraising efforts, news of 3 new members and a summary of the most recent activity on our well-stocked website.

    Table of Contents

  • Invitation to Feasta Members’ Weekend, February 22nd and 23rd, 2014, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary
  • Fundraising and Charity Governance in Difficult Times
  • Greetings from new Feasta members in Romania and the Netherlands!
    1. Adela and Dan Fofiu-Sanpetreanu: Our hope for a community across Europe
    2. Erik Van Oosten –