Sharing for Survival comments

Comment on Chapter 2: The Climate and the Commons by Justin Kenrick by MANJARI CHATTERJI

I came across your reference in Occupy Education by Tina Evans. I also read the Transition Towns e-letter. The move to protect resources by strengthening the indigenous communities is a powerful argument. However, the corporeate/ capital interests in Africa (the newest frontier --again) and the "war on terror" excuse to be a presense seem overwhelming forces to be fighting. I do believe the life boat analogy is an excellent one--being ready until the behemoth collapses under its own weight.

Comment on Panel: Biochar by James Bruges by Patrick Noble

Blimey James - Sorry to continue the correspondence and please end it if you feel so, but this is important. Life is variable as the quality and quantity of the dust which revives it. The mineralsation of complex proteins into the simple elements required for plant growth is a function of a complexity of life. The whole art of husbandry is regulation of the speed of that process. Return too much fertility to a field and we increase crop yield by diminishing that of a neighbouring field.