1 – Citizen Engagement in the Circular Economy

This is Part 1 of the input into the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment’s Waste Advisory Group consultation process on the circular economy by Feasta member Féidhlim Harty.

Following are my responses to the questions raised by the department (in italics below) for consideration as part of the first meeting:

Transition to a circular economy will require action from all sectors of society. Members of the Advisory Group are influential representatives of a wide variety of interests and sectors. What role can you and/or your organisation play in engaging citizens in the roll-out of a Waste Action Plan

The art of critique

"Critique has been the subject of volumes of philosophical and scholarly work, so my purpose here is to consider some aspects of a critique that is congruent with the philosophy and practice of Enough, and putting care at the centre of all our decision-making," writes Anne Ryan in the latest post from her Enough is Plenty blog.

Being, nothingness, cumquats and Walter Scott

"Most work done today is not only futile, it is destructive – insurance, banking, advertising, market research, manufacture of useless shiny things; of cars, trucks, aeroplanes. We scurry to destroy ourselves. Those many millions engaged in destruction can instead be engaged in useful production," writes Patrick Noble.