A no-deal Brexit and debt forgiveness in Ireland (and elsewhere)

It may well be necessary to make some very quick decisions about debt forgiveness in Ireland (and several other EU countries) in the aftermath of a no-deal Brexit. Brian Davey's 2015 article from Credo provides concrete suggestions for achieving widespread debt forgiveness without crashing the economy, and is more relevant than ever now.

Happiness or authenticity?

We're launching 2019 with this chapter from Credo by Brian Davey, in which he discusses the need to emphasise being over having, and to replace the "banal tautology of 19th century utilitarianism" with a deeper study of the relationship between economic activity and mental health.

The climate crisis as seen by the economics mainstream

Economist William Nordhaus is currently much in the news after winning a major economics prize. However, Brian Davey argues that Nordhaus's views reflect an "elite fantasy of growth combined with R&D and techno-innovation to resolve the climate crisis, [which] can do a lot of damage." From Credo.