About Erik Jan van Oosten

Erik is a Msc. student Urban Environmental Management at the Wageningen University. He has a Bsc. in Landscape Architecture and is interested in resilience, heterodox economics and sustainable design. He researched the barriers and possibilities of the Irish energy sector during the second half of 2013 as his internship at Feasta. Currently he is researching the possibilities of frontrunner companies to embrace a post-growth stance as a part of their CSR framework.

Erik Jan van Oosten has written 6 articles so far, you can find them below.

Why negotiations and the IPCC are unlikely to make sure we’ll be safe

"It is astounding to realise that the international community has failed 20 times to sufficiently address climate change. For how long do we have to keep telling ourselves that it all will be different this time around?" asks Erik-Jan Van Oosten. He explores the reasons why the current negotiation process is unlikely to succeed before going on to propose a Plan B: CapGlobalCarbon.

Can the law protect us from climate change?

Can the law protect us from climate change? Do we have a legal right to a stable climate? Are governments responsible for preventing dangerous climate change within their borders? One month ago I would have answered these questions with "most likely not", but one extraordinary court case changed that to "hopefully, yes!". By Erik-Jan Van Oosten.

Community energy in Ireland (Part 1)

Former Feasta intern Erik Jan van Oosten argues that the community energy paper (CEPPP) which was recently produced by a group of 18 Irish organisations including Feasta is an important step forward but that there are nuances and aspects that deserve further attention. In this first of three articles he discusses the societal aspects of energy production: who should have the ownership and control?