About Deirdre De Burca

Deirdre de Burca has been involved with FEASTA for almost 20 years and has served on its Executive Board. She is a former Green Party public representative, and served as a councilor on Wicklow County Council for 8 years. She was appointed as one of the party’s first two members of the Upper House of the Irish Parliament when the Irish Green Party entered a Coalition government in 2007. Deirdre resigned from the Green Party in 2010. She has since worked as a public advocate for various Irish, European and international civil society organizations. She is very interested in European Affairs and lived and worked in Brussels from 2012 - 2017. Deirdre currently works as Advocacy Co-ordinator with the global civil society network FORUS ( www.forus-International.org). Her work largely focuses on promoting the effective international implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs).

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The role of innovative monetary policies in supporting a Green New Deal and a more sustainable future for Europe and the world

In this paper Deirdre de Búrca, who has been advocating a Green New Deal since 2009, discusses the politics and substance of such a Deal before tackling some of the monetary and financial issues relating to its implementation.