Feasta supports agroecological farming as a vital part of the transition to a wellbeing economy. Agroecology is a holistic approach that seeks to reconcile agriculture and local communities with natural processes, for the common benefit of nature and livelihoods.

Within Ireland, we collaborate with the Irish farmer’s group Talamh Beo, which is a member of the global agroecological farming group La Via Campesina.

If you’re a farmer in Ireland and you’re interested in getting practical information on agroecology, exchanging experience-based insights and contributing to the global agroecology movement, you can join Talamh Beo here.

Talamh Beo core

Resilience and Well Being Group

Humanity is faced with a series of devastating challenges that will utterly change our civilisation and dramatically impact our everyday life. These interrelated challenges include climate breakdown, bio-diversity collapse, resource scarcity, economic collapse, war and political instability. The central cause to these problems is the unsustainable economic path we are following which is depleting the natural world, causing a dangerous climate and creating huge social inequality. We are entering a period of ‘unravelling’ and collapse which we are not prepared for.

The work of this Feasta group is focused on understanding the psychological roots of our current predicament and learning …